Adopt a Village
Hope 4 Kids International strives to lift remote villages out of the depths of extreme poverty by providing life-saving tools to combat various levels of poverty. Most of our unsponsored villages are worshipping in shacks and living without access to safe water, basic health care, or quality education.

Empowering faith-based communities with life-saving components to begin their journey towards self-sufficiency.

Over the last decade, we have provided support and assistance to 22 villages throughout Uganda that are dealing with the daily challenges of living in extreme poverty. A large amount of people we serve are suffering from lack of safe water and basic health care. We equip villages with essentials for a successful ministry and a brighter future by providing a deepwater well, a two-room medical clinic, a church building, a public latrine, and a house for the pastor. Churches, families, individuals, and corporations can sponsor a village through our Adopt a Village Program. We encourage our sponsors to develop on-going relationships with these villages by spending time in their village and participating in outreaches.

Phase 1 to Adopting a Village in Need (essential)
For the initial sponsorship of the village, we provide the following life-saving components below. Although Phase I village sponsorship can be constructed together or incrementally, we respect a certain order of the construction. Approximately one-and-a-half acres of land is given to construct a village. A deep water well, latrine and church are foundational construction projects.
Land W4KI Well Church Medical Clinic Latrine
Pastor House Sound System Church Chairs Generator  
Lee Family Nursery & Primary School,
Seka, Uganda
Phase 2 Medicine & Pastor Support (encouraged)
As we move into Phase 2, we begin addressing the medical needs of the village and the financial support of the village pastor. We hire a nurse and stock the medical clinic with the initial offering of medicine. By charging about a dollar per treatment, we can continually restock the shelves with medicine.

Pastors share an incredible burden by taking in orphans and caring for widows. They also offer overnight prayer vigils (once a week) for the community. Many pastors often take on a life of poverty due to the responsibility of caring for orphans and widows. By providing them with $100/a month, will encourage them to focus on their ministry and tend to the immediate needs of their village.
Medicine   Pastor Support
A Ugandan leader and pastor with
Robin Young Ellis in his sponsored home
village of Bukirayi, Uganda.
Phase 3 Micro-finance & Income Generating Activities (optional)
Depending on the capacity and the needs of the village, there may be optional income-generating activities to help the village become self-sufficient. Each village has its own location, needs, talents, strength of leadership, and available resources.. There are many options available and you have the opportunity to introduce other leadership training in your village. Here are some of the projects we have developed in some of our adopted villages:
Micro Finance Poultry Victory Garden Nursery & Primary School
Village dedication in Bupoto, Uganda with Kirk & Laurie Evans, Larry Knutsen & Jon Boyer of Seaside Community Church.
Phase 1-3 Various Outreaches (encouraged)
Regardless of the phase your adopted village is in, H4KI will incorporate various village outreaches into our two-week, short-term mission trips. We may schedule an outreach if you are sending a representative from your family, church, or corporation to join us on a trip. Here are just a few of the outreaches we incorporate into our Adopt a Village Program:
Hygiene Training Medical Outreaches Mosquito Nets Leadership
Bibles School supplies VBS Construction
H4KI Chairman Emeritus, Pat Sullivan, brought a team from Southside Church to work in their sponsored village of Lumino, Uganda.