Empowering a Child through Sponsorship
Hope 4 Kids International has been helping disadvantaged children in destitute communities since 1973. We firmly believe education is the remedy to poverty and allows communities to become self-sufficient. Sponsorship not only provides for the child’s basic necessities, it also makes education possible through paid tuition, school uniforms and supplies. It is an investment that yields life-changing benefits for the child. Through your sponsorship a child can dream of a future that is unlike anything he or she has ever known. There are thousands of children who are waiting to dream.
Boarding School and Higher Education
Boarding school is a tremendous gift for children. Since the children in our program come from extreme poverty, living at a boarding school provides safety, three complete meals a day, and an environment that is conducive to learning and spiritual growth. We encourage all sponsors to consider boarding school as an option for their children. Even if you are not currently sponsoring a child, we have children waiting for this life changing opportunity.
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$1 a Day
Your generous gift of $1 per day ($31 per month) is all it takes to begin the transformation of a child’s life and the community in which he or she lives. Your support will help a child receive much-needed education and healthcare. Sponsors receive a photograph of their child, a profile providing information about the community in which the child lives, their school grade, health, and hobbies. Along with financial support, we encourage sponsors to establish communication with their sponsored child through letters and family photographs. Communication helps build confidence in your child because they feel valued and important.
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Additional Needs
There are always additional needs and opportunities for you to make an even greater impact on your child’s life. We have programs established in all of our sponsored communities that promote self-sustainability through growing their own food, raising chickens for eggs (to sell or eat), and breeding goats (for trade or sale). You can buy a goat, purchase mosquito nets (as a preventative measure against malaria), or make a contribution for school supplies, blankets, mattresses, shoes, coats, or safe drinking water.
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How to Get Involved
At Hope 4 Kids International, we encourage our sponsors to get involved. We offer sponsors the unique opportunity to meet their sponsored child in person. Sponsors and volunteer teams work together to bring joy into the lives of the children in need. That connection, supported by letters and photos, helps the child know they are valued. Volunteer teams, which often include sponsors, spend time with the children playing games, singing, distributing donated supplies, painting, building, and participating in teaching events. Even the simple act of holding a child’s hand is a beautiful way to connect with a child.
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