Getting the Word Out

There are many ways you can get involved with Hope 4 Kids International.

One of the best ways you can help is by spreading the word about Hope 4 Kids International and leading others to make a difference. By sharing your experiences with your circle of friends, family and acquaintances, you can reach people who want to help children, but don't know how. 


  • Write an article for your local newspaper, church newsletter, or other media outlet.
    We have sample stories to help you generate ideas; it’s easy. Include a few facts about H4KI and share your experience. E-mail a copy of your article to one of our staff for the latest news & updates.
  • Reach out through the social media.
    You can help your friends learn about Hope 4 Kids International and join in your passion to make a difference by using your Facebook, Twitter, blog, website, or e-mail to promote our programs and events. 

    • Post our website link – www.hope4kidsinternational.org
    • Facebook/hope4kidsinternational  "like" us: Facebook.com/hope4kidsinternational    follow us 
    • Facebook/hope4kidsinternational  "like" us: Facebook.com/water4kidsinternational   follow us 
  • Contact your local TV or radio station to share your story.
    A member of the H4KI team can be made available for an interview; just let us know.
  • Host a Hope 4 Kids International table at your church or local event.
    Is there an upcoming event at your church or in your area? What about a mission conference or a musical festival? Sign up Hope 4 Kids International and you can represent the organization as an advocate. We are happy to provide you with brochures for this event and other resources such as mission applications, sponsorship forms, and videos.











Watch this broadcast from Phoenix 12 News when Lin Sue Cooney recently interviewed Tom Eggum about the thousands of children he has impacted around the world through the ministry of Hope 4 Kids International. Watch Now