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It's nearly impossible to grasp that more than 456 million people, nearly one-third of India's population, live below the poverty line. Countless Indians live without access to clean water, nutritious food, or basic health care. On top of that, millions are suffering from emotional poverty. The caste system in India, largely instituted by Hinduism, classifies many people as "untouchables," which means there is little to no value placed on their lives. "Untouchables" are unable to share wells with people considered to be in a higher caste. They also face violence and many other forms of extreme discrimination, including being left to live in areas that are indistinguishable from dumps, as a result of being considered less than human. Their entire life has been based on the premise of living out the punishment for something they did in a former life. Without the hope and promise of Jesus Christ, these people face a bleak reality.
You’ll love visiting the Taj Mahal (one of the Seven Wonders of the World). It’s regarded as one of the most majestic structures man has ever built. We’ll also take you on a tour of New Delhi, where you will have the opportunity to visit Ghandi’s Gardens and walk on the path of Ghandi’s final footsteps.
Teams stay and dine in comfortable hotels during their travels.
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This includes your accommodations, three meals a day, transportation within the country and mission project costs.
In India, it’s against the law to openly share the Gospel in hopes of publicly converting people to give their life to Christ. Our main focus is to share the love of Jesus with needy people in the area by providing practical provisions and developing relationships. This provides an opportunity to knock down religious barriers and truly serve the most vulnerable people in the world. We have seen amazing, once impossible, relationships form that allow us to restore God’s Kingdom by bringing hope to the hopeless. Your partnership is critical to this developing ministry!