The Karamojong Children
The Plight of God’s Street Children in Uganda

The Karamojong are nomadic herdsmen of the Karamoja District of Uganda. Due to famine and clan warring, many Karamojong have moved to different areas of Uganda, including the Tororo District. Many consider them to be fierce fighters, drunks, beggars, and thieves. Consequently, they are discriminated against. Many of them survive by eating food leftovers that have been thrown into rubbish pits and bins. Many NGOs have come to the aid of refugees that has resulted in an overflow of items and duplication of services, but none of them are concerned about seeing the plight of the street children who end up eating poisoned food. The Karamojong children live in the direst of situations. Give Now
The Karamojong Children would forage around in the trash to survive.
Nearly 420 Karamojong children are fed and bathed every day at Smile Africa Ministries in Tororo, Uganda.

Several years ago, the Karamojong children would rise early in the morning to dig through the trash for rotten potatoes and other produce thrown out by vendors. One day a 10 year old girl, named Maria was picking through the trash for food. She found a piece of meat in the mouth of a dead rat and ate it. Within hours she died a violent death. Hope 4 Kids International knew we had to respond. No one deserves to live a life like this.

In July 2006, Hope 4 Kids launched a feeding program to help these kids. Now, up to 420 Karamojong children arrive daily at Smile Africa. They are fed twice a day, they are bathed, their clothes are washed, and their wounds are treated.

With soaring food costs, these kids need our help. "After you see it first hand, you cannot turn your back on these children." Give Now
Make a life-saving impact on an entire community.
Between 350 and 420 Karamojong and other children come six days a week and are fed porridge in the morning and a nutritious meal in the afternoon. H4KI ships SAM nutritious meals donated by Feed My Starving Children in Minneapolis, Minnesota. Each meal provides the essential nutrition for a growing child for one day.

In addition to being fed, the children receive basic medical care at the SAM clinic. Many of them are treated for malaria and yellow fever, are de-wormed, have their jiggers removed, and have their scabies and wounds treated. Their hygiene is improving as a result of education and newly installed showers. The children receive basic education in preschool through the primary three. They also learn about Jesus Christ and witness His love firsthand. About a dozen of the children are now sponsored in nearby public primary schools. This is a great step forward in raising their group’s social status as well as improving individual opportunities for them. Give Now
These Karamojong Children Need Your Help Today.
As a member of a tribe that is despised by most people of Uganda, when their parents die, they are totally alone. The Karamojong are outcasts. They are viewed by most of the rest of society as backward and barbaric people…and this prejudice extends even to the youngest and most helpless children.

They are left to struggle to survive on the streets...
and no one cares if they live or die...
But that's where we’ve been called – and that's where we are making a difference.

(Above) The Karamojong receive their daily highly nutritious meal from FMSC. One serving a day has enough vitamins and nutrients for each child to thrive and grow into the children God intended them to be.

Help Us Bring Hope and Help to Precious Children Who Literally Have No One Else To Care For Them.
For a single gift of just $20, we can provide food, clothes, life-saving medical help, and basic education for a child. A gift of $60 can make a massive difference for three children. For $100, 5 children can be given love and care. Many friends actually sponsor a monthly gift of $30 – that amount not only provides continuing care – but it also helps us provide a basic education – the key to these kids getting out of a life of begging and foraging for food. Give Now

(Left) All of the Karamojong girls received special hand-made dresses from Dress A Girl Around The World.

(Above) H4KI Team Members Glen Francis, Gene Sunderman and Don Olson feed our Karamojong Children on their mission trip wtih us to Uganda.