One Man’s Legacy
The journey of hope and faith began when Hope 4 Kids International Founder and President, Tom Eggum, was sitting in a college classroom reading about the struggles faced by those in the Soviet Union who suffered silently behind the Iron Curtain. He decided to take matters into his own hands and began smuggling suitcases full of Bibles into the Soviet Union until 1981 when he was caught, arrested and blacklisted by the KGB. 

Tom’s visa was revoked and he was forbidden to enter the Soviet Union for five years. Instead of standing on the sidelines, he took six trips into Communist China and Vietnam with contraband medicine, antibiotics, clothes and shoes. From these-altering experiences, Tom founded Hope 4 Kids International.

Today, Tom Eggum’s legacy brings hope and healing to thousands of children and adults each year though H4KI’s ongoing ministry. For over 40 years, H4KI has been committed to serving children living in impoverished environments around the world by establishing economic, spiritual, water, orphan, and feeding programs. In addition to these programs, we have been leading teams of volunteers on two-week international mission trips bringing life-saving provisions and the spirit of Jesus.

Our world needs heroes like this, people with a compassionate vision that extends beyond their lifetime. H4KI depends on your legacy gift to ensure our ministry continues for generations to come.

Currently, H4KI has been in over ninety-seven countries bringing hope and necessary care to every child they serve.
Creating your H4KI Legacy Gift
To arrange a bequest:
1. From your Will or Trust(s), simply contact your estate-planning attorney to create or amend the necessary legal documents.
2. Simply contact your life insurance provider, retirement plan administrator, and/or financial institution to fill out and file the appropriate beneficiary designation form(s) or payable upon death (POD) form(s). Below see H4KI legal name and TAX ID number

Legal Organization Name:
Hope 4 Kids International
Your Legacy
When you remember Hope 4 Kids International in your estate plans, you can continue blessing the world’s poorest children or your sponsored child long after your lifetime. Caring for the children will be part of your legacy. Your legacy gift, made through your estate plan or through a life income gift, will help us continue to transform the lives of children and families for generations to come. Your legacy gift will provide lifesaving sustainability like clean water, health care, educational opportunities and more!
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