Life-Saving Medicine

In response to our "Adopt a Village" program, Hope 4 Kids International has constructed six medical clinics throughout remote villages in the surrounding area of Tororo, Uganda. These medical clinics are located in areas in which villagers previously walked up to seven miles to receive basic health care.

Villagers are dying in these areas from preventable and treatable diseases like malaria, which is the #1 cause of death in East Africa. They are also dying from measles (#2), dysentery (#3) and diseases related to HIV/AIDS (#4).

Medical staff and other personnel from our hospital travel to these villages to conduct medical outreaches for children and their families who otherwise would go untreated. 350-400 villagers receive life-saving medical services during a two-day outreach.

Depending on the location of the village, villagers can receive treatment and medicine for about a dollar. Communities are delighted that they can receive life-saving services for such a low fee. By encouraging villagers to pay this small fee to offset the cost of the medicine and personnel, we are able to restore some dignity because they have contributed to their medical services.

This methodology has helped make several of our clinics self-sufficient; however the others are in need of our support. We need your support to stock these village medical clinics with life-saving medicines until we can help them become self-reliant.

Imagine walking miles with your sick child to a medical clinic that is out of medicine; it's unthinkable.

We develop all of our projects with self-sufficiency in the forefront of our minds. It can be extremely complicated and difficult to find a solution, but we always find a way to do something substantial.

We ask that you will join Hope 4 Kids International during this period to supply these life-saving medicines to villagers throughout Uganda.

For $575, we are able to conduct four two-day medical outreach clinics each month. With your help, over a thousand villagers in the surrounding area will receive treatment and medicine from our local hospital staff.

Any amount is appreciated!