Making a Difference with H4KI
Each year, the Hope 4 Kids International team leads several international trips to the countries where we work... and you are invited to come along! Unlike tours or sightseeing adventures, these trips get you involved with the actual people you are supporting, right in their home communities.

You’ll experience firsthand...
  • ... the smile of a child able to attend school for the very first time
  • ... the joy of a community celebrating the gift of clean, life-sustaining water
  • ... the thanks of a widow whose hands you have held in support
  • ... the rich culture of a different country

And if you are sponsoring a child through Hope 4 Kids, you will have the chance to meet him or her, see the family and community, and establish relationships that could last a lifetime.
Tom Eggum, Founder and President, has led teams for more than 40 years. His enthusiasm is contagious, and his knowledge of the area and the people’s needs will inform and inspire you.
The Hope 4 Kids International team handles all of the travel details for you. Once you choose a destination, we are able to make arrangements for your air travel, accommodations and optional excursions.
You will be offered a variety of experiences on each trip. For example, when traveling to Uganda, our team members often have the opportunity to work in our feeding center, help construct a church or medical clinic, deliver goats and mosquito nets to orphans in remote villages, wash the feet and hands of widows, serve in our medical/dental clinics, play games with kids, attend well dedications, visit and speak in schools, and more. The list goes on and on. YOU can decide what YOU would like to do. You will never have to participate in an area where you do not feel comfortable.
Trip plans are always made with safety in mind, based on years of experience and a direct knowledge of what is happening today. Our field staff is constantly monitoring the situation in areas we serve, and we will never take you where we feel there is undue risk.
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