Sponsoring a Child

Impacting a Life for $1 a Day
Sponsorship is a special kind of giving that allows you to connect with a specific child in a real, life-changing way. The impact of one person’s decision to give can forever change the life of a child, especially a child living in poverty. We firmly believe education provides the ultimate solution and hope for escaping poverty permanently. Not only will your commitment of $31 a month provide your child’s basic necessities, it also makes education possible through paid tuition, school uniforms and supplies.

Sponsoring a child is as simple as choosing a boy or a girl from a partnering country. Within two weeks, you will receive a New Sponsor Packet which will include a photograph of your child, their profile detailing information about your child’s community, their school grade, health and hobbies. We encourage communication between you and your child. Your New Sponsor Packet will include full instructions regarding correspondence. Communication helps your child feel encouraged and valued. Conversely, the joy you will experience from connecting with your child will transform your life forever.

In a world of poverty and disease, a child needs hope more than anything else. Hope can change a listless, glassy-eyed boy or girl into a smiling, enthusiastic child. As Mother Teresa said, “I never look at the masses as my responsibility. I look at the individual. I can only love one person at a time.” You can make it possible for a child to have a hopeful future. There are thousands of children who are waiting to dream, will you join us in answering their call?