Child Sponsorship FAQ

What should I write or not write to my child?
Keep your letters simple and write about things your child will understand. Good starter topics include: your family, community, hobbies and any special customs you and your family share. We encourage you to send a picture of your family to the child you have chosen to sponsor. Receiving correspondence from you will encourage your child and make them feel valued and loved. Since most of our children have a limited understanding of English, please print or type your letters (this will simplify translation, if necessary). Mail or email your letters and photos directly to Hope 4 Kids International, PO Box 74010, Phoenix, AZ 85087, or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. Please be sure to include your child’s name and number in your correspondence and on the bottom left corner of the envelope.

Remember that your child lives in a very poor community. For this reason, avoid writing about the differences that will highlight the vast disparity between your life and their own. Do not suggest that your child visit the United States or ask your child what he or she would like to receive as a gift. Never include any personal information such as your address, phone number or email. For your safety and the safety of the children in our program, please do not contact your child on social media. All correspondence to and from your child needs to go through the Hope 4 Kids International office.

The reason we require all correspondence go through our office versus having you send letters directly to the children is because it is our policy to read all letters before they are delivered to the kids. Our primary focus must remain the safety of our sponsored children. Additionally, if you were to mail correspondence directly to the kids, there is no guarantee they would ever receive the letters. Once we receive your correspondence, a member of the Hope 4 Kids International staff will hand-deliver the letter to the child or children you sponsor.
Can I include gifts with my letters?
Yes, but we have set guidelines we allow. Please feel free to include a small item along with your letter that can fit into the envelope. Acceptable items include: a bookmark, stickers, coloring page, friendship bracelet, etc. However, we are not able to accept large items because of the high cost of carrying packages from the United States. If you would like to financially provide for your child to receive a gift, call us directly at 623-979-5516 and we will be happy to discuss the available options. If you would like to donate to the Hope 4 Kids Children’s Fund, your child will receive a gift that is specific to his or her need.
Am I my child’s only sponsor?
Definitely! Tom Eggum, Founder & President, believes that the one child to one sponsor relationship is meaningful and can strengthen the bond for a lifetime. There are few exceptions to this rule (if your child needs to enter boarding school or higher education), but you will always be informed and be presented with options.
What does $1 a day for sponsorship cover?
One dollar a day provides your child’s basic necessities, school tuition and emergency healthcare. Children in our program are also eligible to receive a new mattress, blanket, treated mosquito net, backpack, school supplies, school uniform, clothing and shoes. Sponsor a child now! Our field staff works with the children and communities to identify and address health and wellness issues with the hope of restoring children physically, mentally and spiritually.
What else can I do to help my child?
Difference Maker Plus is an additional $9 a month on top of the standard $31 monthly sponsorship fee. This additional cost furthers our mission by providing for the urgent needs of our kids such as medicine, surgeries and extra meals required.

Other options include new school uniforms, shoes, mosquito nets, additional school supplies, blankets, mattresses and coats.
How do I change my payment information?
You can create an account on our website to change your credit card information. Also, we are always happy to help you if you call our office by telephone, 623-979-5516, or you can e-mail your request to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. and we will make the changes you request.

Please be aware that your sponsorship will automatically renew each year using the same form of payment unless we are otherwise notified. All recurring cards are charged on the fifteenth of each month; please notify H4KI of any changes to your account by the tenth. Your donation is tax deductible as permitted by law.
In what countries does H4KI currently sponsor children?
H4KI currently sponsors children in Uganda, Kenya, Romania, and India, and the Philippines.
Why do I pay $31 a month, plus boarding school fees?
Your $31 monthly sponsorship covers your child’s basic necessities, supplies, and healthcare. Boarding School provides your child’s boarding school fees (including room and board, 24 hour care of your child, three meals each day, sleeping accommodations and full time supervision in a family-like environment).
Which children need sponsorship the most?
Teenage children are the hardest to place in sponsorship. Many teenagers have been in our sponsorship program since they were young, however, for various reasons, find themselves without sponsors. Most new sponsors are interested in sponsoring young children they can nurture and watch grow; unfortunately, this leaves a gap for our teenaged children. If you are interested in sponsoring an older child please click sponsor a child for more information.
Can I post photos of children in the program on social media?
Yes, we encourage you to share your child's photo and basic information on social media. However, disclosing detailed personal information, violates the children's privacy law. Please be mindful when posting any information about children in our program.