Sponsorship Testimonials

Mary Streff, H4KI Sponsor
We had the wonderful opportunity to meet our sponsored child, Rosmari, when we visited Peru with Hope 4 Kids. What a joy to look in to her eyes, to see the smile on her face, to play games with her and her sisters, to hold her hand and give her a hug. This beautiful girl is being raised by her grandparents who love and support her in so many ways. Now, each time we look at her picture on our refrigerator and receive her sweet letters we remember our precious time with her and her family and we pray that God will bless each one of them. No longer is she just a picture and a name – now she is our little girl, too. Take the opportunity to step in to your child’s world and God will touch you and them in ways you can only imagine.
Philip Butler, H4KI Sponsor
Christmas had lost all of its luster, excitement, joy and meaning. I was swimming in Orange County’s sea of consumerism and consumption; I was trapped in a counterfeit Christmas. I had had enough, something had to change. No more electronic gadgets, no more clothing…if I received one more random gift card, no matter how good the intention, I was going to scream. Change was inevitable, unavoidable and urgently necessary. I looked at a Savior who gave all to be with humanity, whose whole mission was to freely give His life away and I compared that with the contemporary way we would celebrate His birthday and the two seemed infinitely incompatible.

So, for the last two years ago, I have humbly asked my family and friends, in lieu of a Christmas present, to donate some money so that we can sponsor a child through Hope 4 Kids. God knows (literally) I didn’t need another pair of sneakers or an iPod accessory. I collected about $400 from family and friends and sponsored Steven Mugulosa through H4KI, who lives in Uganda. At first it was my way to sabotage the counterfeit Christmas, to stick it to the man if you will, to reclaim a small part of what is really being celebrated.

Do you remember when you were eight? Do you remember the pure and unadulterated joy Christmas morning brought you? This past July, my wife and I (who is a coconspirator in this) had a chance to meet Steven, the child I now sponsor through all of my "Christmas Gifts." Let me tell you, seeing his smile, hearing his story, giving him high fives and hugs and getting to spend a few days with him made me experience the emotions of an "8 year old Christmas". There was real joy, satisfaction, excitement and profound levels of contentment deep in my being. In July, in a remote part of Uganda, in an unexpected encounter, I rediscovered the authentic meaning, significance and power of the incarnation of Jesus Christ: that He came to give a dying world hope through his life. My goal is to imitate that… especially on His birthday.