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Who can go on a mission trip?
We invite anyone (15 years old and older if traveling without a parent) to travel with us. Team members younger than 15 years old may travel with supervision. Team members come from all backgrounds and with varied experience. We regularly have trained medical and dental personnel, construction workers, farmers, teachers, pastors, social workers, students, and homemakers travel with us on our short-term mission trips. Specialized training is welcomed, but not necessary. If you care about kids in need, you qualify.
Who leads the mission trips?
Founding President Tom Eggum leads most international trips (schedule permitting), as he has for over 40 years. Tom, or another member of our informed and well-trained leadership team, will be there to ensure your trip runs smoothly as you experience an unforgettable journey.
Where do we stay?
Our teams typically stay in local, comfortable accommodations in or near the areas we serve. This gives team members a relaxed atmosphere where they can decompress and be well rested for the next day’s work. Trip fees include double-occupancy hotel accommodations; however, single room accommodations are available for an additional fee.
What do we eat on our trips?
Team members have the opportunity to try some local foods, as well as some familiar dishes like spaghetti, chicken, fish, and french fries. We encourage all team members to pack snacks from home for long days when we are serving far from our home base! Your trip fees include your daily meals and bottled water. However, if you follow a strict diet or have food allergies please pack additional snacks to supplement meals. Hotels and restaurants in developing nations are not always set up to accommodate many different food preferences.
Are the places we travel to safe?
There is always a certain amount of risk when traveling internationally; however, in all our years leading teams, we have never had an incident that endangered anyone. Our team on the ground is constantly monitoring any situation that arises, and we take every precaution to protect our teams from undue risk.
What do we do each day?
Hope 4 Kids International strives to offer team members the opportunity for a deeper, more well-rounded experience with the community through different service opportunities. Depending on the destination, there may be opportunities for you to assist in a construction outreach, medical/dental outreaches, Vacation Bible Schools, a safe water well dedication, a spiritual/health/leadership class or conference, local celebrations, and women’s outreaches. You may want to spend time visiting schools, playing with kids, or helping deliver life-saving provisions. Painting or construction projects are available most days. Each day will be full of activities and opportunities for you to use your gifts and talents, as well as build relationships with the community.
Where do team members come from?
Team members typically come from all over North America, but anybody is welcome to join us. International team members may join us in our destination city. Our teams are made up of individuals, church groups, friends, and families. All are welcome!
Are you promoting the Gospel of Christ?
Depending on the freedom given in our host nation, we take whatever opportunity we have through speaking, drama, and music to proclaim the love of Jesus Christ. Furthermore, we always have the opportunity to demonstrate the example of Jesus Christ through our actions by serving the people we meet.
What happens if I raise more money than I need to cover all of my trip costs?
There are several factors that affect overages. If you have a qualifying overage, H4KI’s Teams Department will contact you to discuss your options. Please contact us with any questions about our overage policy.
How else can I help?
Thank you for your support of our mission! Aside from serving on a mission trip, you can sponsor a child, raise money for safe water wells, collect supplies for us to take on future trips, and more! Please This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. to find out how you can bring dignity, health, joy, and love to children around the world who are affected by extreme poverty and disease.
What immunizations do I need to travel?
We recommend making an appointment with your personal physician and/or local travel clinic to determine which vaccinations you'll want or need for your trip.

You can also find out what the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention recommends for your destination at Select "Traveler's Health," then “Destinations,” and from the drop-down list pick your destination country.
Can I contact my friends and family while I’m traveling internationally?
If possible, the H4KI staff will update our Facebook page during the trip. This is a great way for your family to follow you on your trip.

Unfortunately, Internet access in some of the countries where we serve is sporadic at best. Please assure your family that we’ll do our best to keep our Facebook page updated, but let them know it will be difficult to communicate via Internet during the trip.

In an emergency, a team leader can assist you in contacting your friends and family from abroad.
Who do I contact in an emergency?
One way your family can check on the status of the team is to call the H4KI home office in Phoenix, Arizona at 623-979-5516. H4KI’s main office is usually in daily communication with the team, and can tell you the general location of the group and what they’re doing at any time. Before you depart on your mission trip, you will be notified of more emergency contact information specific to your trip.
What is included in my trip fees? What is not included in my trip fees?
Daily transport to outreaches, room and board, outreach participation costs, and bottled water are included in your trip fees. Airfare to your destination country, any necessary visas, vaccinations, optional excursions, and souvenirs are not included in your trip fees.
Why do I need to bring my excursion funds in cash on my trip?
We are required to collect excursion money separately. This is legally required to cover all of the costs for the excursion including lodging, transport, food, entrance fees, and other excursion costs. Otherwise, it would nullify the tax deductibility of the rest of the mission trip.
Do I need a passport? Do I need a visa?
Yes, please apply for a passport as soon as you decide to volunteer with us on an international mission trip. Please be sure you renew your passport if it has less than six months of validity left from the conclusion of your trip and be sure that it has at least three blank visa pages. If you need to apply for a visa, the H4KI Teams Department will notify you upon receiving your application, or you can check out each trip’s informational page here.
When I meet my sponsored child, can I bring a gift to him or her?
Yes! We recommend choosing one or two items from the options below:
  • Clothing such as socks, underwear, a sundress (must fall below the knees), shorts (drawstring), shoes or flip flops
  • School supplies
  • Hygiene items such as a toothbrush or toothpaste