The 4 Hopes
Hope 4 Kids International reaches out to every child and community we serve by bringing hope through our 4 pillars of hope: Dignity, Health, Joy, and Love. By responding to critical needs, we can significantly impact lives and assist people who are struggling to survive in destitute communities in becoming self-sufficient.
Hope 4 Kids International restores a sense of worth within vulnerable children and communities suffering from extreme poverty by:
  • Providing a quality education through our Child Sponsorship Program
  • Constructing and restoring facilities
  • Providing capital for small businesses through micro loans
  • Investing in leaders who will multiply their vision and training to leave a generational impact for their community
  • Empowering donors and sponsors to move from success to significance by making a lasting impact in the life of others.
H4KI is actively responding to the global crisis which leads to 26,000 children dying every day from preventable and treatable diseases. We are relieving feelings of hopelessness experienced by individuals and communities through:
  • Our Water 4 Kids International division
  • Providing safe water through deepwater wells
  • Rain harvesting systems
  • Water filtration systems
  • Life-saving hygiene and sanitation training
  • Building and supporting hospitals and medical clinics
  • Hosting medical, optical, and dental teams in remote villages
  • Providing life-saving medicine
  • HIV/AIDS testing, prevention, education, and counseling
As a Christian organization, the foundation of everything we do is to show the love of Jesus. We relieve and restore communities for all of God's children. We make great efforts to ensure we exemplify love in a way that spreads like wildfire. Our hope is that once the people we help experience God's love, they will pass it on in their communities, and eventually across Africa.
H4KI strives to restore a joy-filled childhood to kids whose innocence has been stolen from a lifetime of suffering. The book of Proverbs says that a “joyful heart is a good medicine". The sound of a laughing child can be heard as a team member gives individual attention. It’s as simple as:
  • Holding the hand of a child
  • Reading them a book
  • Playing soccer with them
  • Giving them a sweet
  • Investing your time into a child