Frequently asked questions about our Water 4 Kids International program.
What is the main focus of Water 4 Kids International?
Water 4 Kids International (W4KI) reaches out to the poorest communities in Uganda, India and the Philippines that are suffering from the lack of safe water by providing long-term access to clean water through life-saving deep water wells, rain harvesting and water filtration projects. In addition, W4KI equips and trains recipient villages to maintain their water projects for years to come in order to provide the greatest impact within their community. W4KI also monitors existing wells to make sure they are open and fully functioning, while offering them an opportunity to learn about The Gospel, proper hygiene and basic sanitation.
How many people can benefit from one borehole?
Villages and surrounding areas with populations ranging from 3,000 -11,000 people will benefit from a single borehole, although we drill wells in other more concentrated areas.
How much does a borehole cost?
For a donation of $10,150, W4KI can provide fresh, safe drinking water to thousands of people in East Africa or Central India. For as little as $1 per villager, an entire community can be saved from dysentery for 30 to 50 years.
How long does a borehole last?
With proper education and maintenance, boreholes are designed to last 30-50 years. Our community involvement practices will make the difference if a borehole will last a year and a half or decades with our W4KI program.
Is the water available for everyone?
Everyone is welcome to drink from our wells regardless of race, religion or tribe. Children are especially encouraged to drink often from the wells that can help ward off preventable and treatable diseases.
What areas of the world are you drilling wells?
Currently, Water 4 Kids International is drilling wells in Uganda, India and the Philippines.
How do you find the villages that are in the greatest need?
Through natural relationships and on-the-ground research, villages are submitted to our NGO office for consideration. It is only after a Water 4 Kid’s project manager visits the village, verifies the current water source and determines that the village qualifies to be in our program, will they be considered for a borehole in the community.
How many wells has Water 4 Kids drilled?
Since 2007, Water 4 Kids has drilled over 440 wells throughout Uganda, Kenya, India, Rwanda, Liberia, The Philippines and Bangladesh.