Ways We Respond

Over 70% of the earth is covered by water; and yet, 1.1 billion people live everyday without access to clean safe drinking water. The problem is more than just the lack of fresh water, but the inability of many poor countries around the world to access this safe water. Water 4 Kids International is responding to this worldwide crisis by delivering life-saving water solutions to get safe water to people in remote villages around the world.
Deep Water Wells (Boreholes)
Oftentimes, the most significant and longest-lasting solution to a remote village’s water problem can be answered with the drilling of a deep water well commonly known as a “borehole”. Boreholes offer clean water below the earth’s surface that can be pumped easily by a small hand pump that does not require any electricity. Water 4 Kids International chooses to only drill deep boreholes (at least 175-300 feet deep) to provide the cleanest safest water available. When properly installed, these wells can last between 30-50 years with little to no maintenance. In addition to drilling a borehole, a water tower can be constructed to offer a more advanced level of water services. From these towers, underground pipes are used to carry water from the tower to on-site buildings in a village like a school, medical clinics, showers or public latrines.
Rain Harvesting
Unfortunately, there are many areas around the world where it is extremely difficult to find any water underground. In these regions, “rain harvesting” can be the best fit for a village having problems accessing safe water. Here buildings are equipped with gutters to collect rain that runs into a large holding tank which holds between 1,000-20,000 liters. This is an effective solution for areas along the equator that experience both rainy and dry seasons.
Water Filtration
In many areas around the world, the amount of water is not the issue, it is the fact that it is unsafe to drink. Remote islands, low-lying swampy lakes or other areas affected by extreme flooding would really benefit from water filtration systems. These “water filtration” devices are small hand-held instruments about the size of a shoebox that can remove impurities in the water and make it 99.9% safe to drink. These life-saving devices make it easy for villagers to transform their impure water and run it through into their water cans offering safe water for them to drink.
Hygiene & Sanitation Training
All these ways of responding to the world’s water crisis are the most powerful ingredients in providing safe water, however without education, the efforts will not make the maximum impact. A crucial part of “our” plan is in “sensitizing”, or educating, the villagers the differences between safe water and unsafe water. Water 4 Kids International teaches villagers the importance of good hygiene, proper sanitation, and disease. Dehydration, malaria, dysentery and other preventable and treatable diseases can be reduced if villagers can stay properly hydrated and understand the value of only drinking clean safe water. Our goal is to equip villagers with this life-saving knowledge so they receive the greatest amount of benefits of safe water, while understanding the responsibility of maintaining their borehole to leave a life-saving legacy for generations to come.