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The main community H4KI serves in Guatemala has settled on abandoned railroad tracks for over 24 years. The government has allowed them to stay on the tracks and by their own ingenuity, they have created a community to call their own. A local pastor moved into the community to share the gospel and show the love of Jesus. Over the last couple decades, they have built a church and a school (Camino de Luz Christian School) on top of the church, but they still lack the most basic necessities. CLCS teaches kids from kindergarten to ninth grade. Currently, there are 325 kids who attend CLCS and 24 pastors who periodically visit for theological training. They feed over 200 kids on Tuesdays and Thursdays. The community is only permitted to obtain water for two hours each day.
Visit the historic Antigua, known for being a popular tourist destination, and the beautiful Panajachel for its quaint shops and authentic handmade crafts. Take a boat across Lake Atitlán (the deepest lake in Central America) to a remote Mayan village.
Teams stay and dine in comfortable hotels during their travels.
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This includes your accommodations, three meals a day, transportation within the country and mission project costs.
Our main outreach is helping children in communities that have developed their own shantytown with 50+ homes located on abandoned railroad tracks. There are numerous opportunities for delivering pillowcase dresses and various children outreaches. Visit the “City of Children” that hosts over 450 children who go to school on a compound from nursery to university.

Guatemala has some of the neediest and most vulnerable children in the world. Scores of Guatemalan children live without the most basic necessities and struggle to survive day-to-day. Many live in shacks built out of miscellaneous materials located on and around abandoned railroad tracks. They lack access to proper nutrition and have no means of being properly educated. Many are subjected to various forms of abuse. Although a great deal of the communities we serve have access to city water, it is very unclean and therefore unsafe to drink. The condition of the water has a detrimental impact on their health.