Our Programs
To bring hope and necessary care to kids through dignity, health, joy, and love. H4KI strives to restore dignity to innocent children and families who are suffering through extreme poverty and disease. We are bringing relief to poverty-stricken villages by providing clean water, building medical and dental clinics, and establishing emergency medical funds. Our strategies are designed to help villagers become self-sufficient through life-saving programs.
Child Sponsorship
Give hope and necessary care to a needy child today.

Child sponsorship is your opportunity to transform the life of a child. Through monthly support, you will empower and equip a child (or children) to create a better life. You can be part of this vital outreach by sponsoring a needy child, many of whom are orphans and have lost parents in the AIDS epidemic. By supporting these children, you will offer them a foundation for a bright future.

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Short-Term Missions Trips
A Life Changing Adventure

Where is your passion? Medicine? Education? Construction? H4KI offers a variety of opportunities to give you a well-rounded mission experience. We will share the opportunities for the day and you decide where you want to serve. Making a difference in this world during your mission experience will not only directly impact the lives of the children you meet, it will transform your life.

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Water 4 Kids International
Restoring hope through safe water... one village at a time.

W4KI has been bringing hope to disadvantaged children affected by extreme poverty and preventable diseases. W4KI drills deepwater wells in remote villages throughout East Africa and Central India. Clean water is one of the best ways to prevent diseases in remote villages in which an ailment such as diarrhea is often fatal. We strategically drill wells in communities close to primary schools, medical clinics, and trading centers.

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Africa Feeding Program
Feed hope to a child

Countless African children struggle every day just to stay alive. Innocent children scrounging for food in trash heaps is a heartbreaking sight that Pastor Ruth of Smile Africa could not allow to continue. Hope 4 Kids International works alongside many credible and passionate field partners to ensure that our mission is fulfilled and expands. Smile Africa is just one of the many field partners that we have come to respect and trust. Today, she oversees the feeding and well-being of over 400 children who come to her daily to alleviate their hunger. Besides feeding these hungry children, Pastor Ruth provides solace by offering loving care.

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Education 4 Kids International
Education Saves Lives.

E4KI equips the next generation of leaders and professionals with the necessary tools to compete on a global level. Through equal opportunity and an equitable education, we aim to eliminate gender disparity in primary and secondary education while achieving safer, healthier, richer, and freer nations.

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Adopt a Village

Hope 4 Kids International strives to lift remote villages out of the depths of extreme poverty by providing life-saving tools to combat various levels of poverty. Most of our unsponsored villages are worshipping in shacks and living without access to safe water, basic health care, or quality education.

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Karamojong Children
Help support the plight of God’s street children in Uganda.

Many of God’s most precious children around the world are left to fend for themselves by living on the street like they do in Tororo, Uganda. Before H4KI arrived, these children survived by eating food found in trash bins. Now, these children receive breakfast and a highly nutritious meal at lunch. We also provide these 420 children with basic healthcare at our onsite medical clinic. We strive to give these kids a quality education in spite of their injustice. Your gift will help us with their monthly basic necessities.

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Life-Saving Medicine

H4KI promotes health, healing, and wholeness throughout our six medical clinics located in remote villages in the surrounding area of Tororo, Uganda. Tragically, villagers are far too familiar with death caused by preventable and treatable diseases like malaria, measles, dysentery, and HIV/AIDS. H4KI is committed to keeping our medical clinics open and fully stocked with life-saving medicines. Imagine carrying your suffering child to a clinic, only to find out the shelves, which should be holding medicine, are empty.

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