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Romania is filled with rolling hills, vivid countrysides, and lively streets reflecting the spirited culture of the people. Located in Central/Eastern Europe, Romania is rich with history. Although Romania has been thriving since the fall of communism of 1989, many people, mainly Gypsies, are still suffering today. Gypsies are largely discriminated against within Romania and suffer from lack of resources. Although the government technically provides for much of their healthcare, Gypsies are oftentimes turned away from physicians; their rights are continually violate.; Being thrown out of stores and rejected from schools and medical clinics, these “untouchables” of Europe are living a life of hopelessness.
Budapest, Hungary is one of Europe’s most beautiful and historic cities. Teams will enjoy taking a spectacular evening tour of the city along the Danube River and may have the opportunity to visit the historic city of Buda. Teams also spend some time in the city on your way back from Romania.
Teams stay and dine in comfortable hotels during their travels.
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This includes your accommodations, three meals a day, transportation within the country and mission project costs.
Clug, Romania is home to the largest orphanage in Europe – hosting over 600 children. These children live with the heartache of losing their parents and are forced to live with the discriminating label of “orphan”. Romania dissolved their orphanages when they became part of the European Union in 2007, but thousands of children are still suffering today because of the fallout. We are committed to helping these children receive a quality education and basic medical care through our Child Sponsorship Program.