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Extreme poverty is soluble.

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Water 4 Kids International has been bringing hope to disadvantaged children affected by extreme poverty and preventable diseases. Many deadly, oftentimes treatable, diseases result from drinking from unclean water sources. W4KI drills wells in Uganda, India and The Philippines. Clean water is one of the best ways to prevent diseases in remote villages in which an ailment such as diarrhea is often fatal. We strategically drill wells in communities close to primary schools, medical clinics, and trading centers.
No one should have to drink polluted water.
26% of the day for an average African child is spent
collecting water.

More than 300 million people do not have access to clean water. Each day, women and children spend hours walking long distances to collect water from unprotected sources including open ponds, livestock water points, and polluted ditches; they literally have no other option.

Following Malaria and Measles, Dysentery is the #3 cause of death in East Africa. Lack of safe water is responsible for up to 75% of deaths in remote villages. Water 4 Kids International provides hope to communities by providing safe drinking water.

Make a life-saving impact on an entire community.
For a donation of $10,150, Water 4 Kids International can provide fresh, safe drinking water to thousands of people in rural areas of East Africa or Central India. These people suffer the most, but are geographically the hardest to reach. Our wells are drilled in highly concentrated areas and oftentimes serve multiple villages and communities. Our wells are virtually maintenance free and can last over thirty years. Sponsor a life-saving well today >>
Life Saving Impact
Give the gift of life.
Our life-saving deepwater wells can be sponsored in the name of families, churches, individuals, schools, or corporations. We'll provide a plaque and have it installed on the platform of the well.
With a financial gift of $2,500 or more, you will be connected to the exact village you are restoring with the gift of fresh water. You'll be given the name and location of the village, village demographic information, and photos of their current water source. We'll provide the details of the distance people in the community walk to the nearest water source and notify you if there is a school or medical clinic near by. Learn About a Village that Needs Your Help Today.

This water source is the only water this girl has ever known before we drilled a well in her village in Mundindi A., Uganda, and Africa. (left)
Your gift is vital investment in helping
the most vulnerable have hope.
Your financial gift will allow children to spend more time in schools focusing on education, rather than the basic needs of survival. Many daily hours are freed up allowing mothers to be at home with their families or to learn a vocation. Communities receive instant health benefits from a well because many common deadly diseases are prevented and personal hygiene becomes a priority. Join us on a trip and we will dedicate your well while you are traveling with us. Leave a life-saving legacy today!

Wygute Brian, age eight has access to a safe water well drilled by Water 4 Kids International.
Matching Well Donations
W4KI works with several corporations who are also convicted about providing safe water. Programs are available to leverage your well donation to increase the impact of your gift.