How do we measure our organization’s effectiveness?


Hope 4 Kids International’s effectiveness can be measured internationally and domestically. Internationally, our effectiveness can be measured through the impact we are having on our sponsored children, churches, education, healthcare, village sponsorship and the amount of safe drinking water we are providing to villagers around the world. Here are a number of ways how we measure the effectiveness of some of our programs:


• Orphans & vulnerable children’s health improving?
• Are the physical & spiritual needs of the children being met?
• Is the quality of care increasing for our registered children and their families?


• Are our churches growing?
• Increased evangelistic outreaches in villages?

• Are more people coming to Christ because of our efforts?

• Distribution of Christian literature increased?
• Are pastors receiving adequate ongoing training?
• Number of people that are coming to church increases?
• Are church members being discipled?


• Is our Christian Mixed Day Boarding School keeping up with Kampala testing standards?
• Adding more grades to our school? (Just added P6).
• Number of classrooms added?
• Is the quality of education we are providing improving?
• Number of students registered in school increasing?
• Are we adding grades at the proper level?
• Is the ratio of students to textbooks going down?
• Are test scores improving?
• Are we providing adequate housing for our boarders? (Our housing is far more superior to any other boarding school in the area.)


• Have the number of the people we treat in our hospital and village medical clinics increased?
• Have we increased the number of healthcare professionals?
• Have we increased the number of medical outreaches in remote areas?
• Are our medical clinics self-sustaining?
• Is the quality of our healthcare improving?
• Have we built more medical clinics?
• Located other sources for medicine?
• Improved quality & equipment of personnel for hospital?
• Have we broadened our services offered through our hospital and medical clinics?


Safe Drinking Water:
• Number of wells being drilled increased?
• How many more thousands of villagers are we directly impacting with the new wells?
• Previously, girls in our villages were spending hours getting fresh water. Now, they can spend those hours going to school and receiving an education. Has the girls’ attendance increased in school?
• An increased number of wells equals better health. Are we seeing fewer kids being treated for Dysentery- #3 killer in East Africa?

• Are Water Usage Committees being developed in the areas where we are drilling wells?


Adopt a Village:
• Number of villages being sponsored increase?
• Are we creating a model that we can replicate in other areas in East Africa?
• Are we responding to the right needs?
• Are we helping this village become self-sufficient?